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Along with the rapid business development, the company has attracted many excellent and professional talents and given every employee a good development platform, working environment, and equal opportunities. Join Help Therapeutics, from here, to the future!

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We are committed to the combination and translation of technological innovation and clinical application, and work with the world's leading medical experts to pivot on the unlimited potential of regenerative medicine with rich clinical scenarios and strong technical capabilities. At Help Therapeutics, you can collaborate and interact with these experts.

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Fellowship Program

Help Therapeutics institute brings together top scientists from all over the world, relying on the Help Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base of Regenerative Medicine, Help Thera-X-Oujiang Joint Lab and Help Thera-X-UM Joint Lab. We strive to create innovative iPSC-based cell therapy. Help Therapeutics welcome applications from outstanding candidates across all businesses.

We Are Hiring

Senior Scientist
Job Description
1. Responsible for leading R&D team to develop new clinical iPSC-derived products.

2. Responsible for pre-research, establishment, the feasibility analysis of a project, formulating project research plan, and organizing implementation.

3. Solve the difficulties encountered in the project and ensure the smooth progress of the R&D project according to the planned schedule.

4. Responsible for leading the team to compile and analyze experimental data and results, and write project reports.

5. Drafting SOPs, new product-related documents, project declarations, etc.; writing technical patent application documents; publishing papers.

6. Report the R&D progress to the superior in time and complete work assigned by the superior.
Job Requirements
1. Ph.D. degree, major in basic medicine, immunology, cytology and other related fields; project management experience is preferred.

2. Extensive cell culture experience, iPSC culture and differentiation experience is preferred.

3. Strong literature search and writing skills in Chinese and English, proficient in using common biological software and databases.

4. Good at teamwork, willing to take challenges, able to adapt to high-intensity work content.
QC Supervisor
Job Description
1. Responsible for quality control work; ensure that QC members strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations, GMP-related regulatory requirements; ensure the safe and standardized operation of the laboratory.

2. Lead teams in analytical method development, validation and testing; SOPs writing and training.

3. Establish and maintain QC quality system; responsible for laboratory document management system, analytical method transfer and validation; ensure laboratory analytical methods and records comply with pharmacopoeia and GMP requirements.

4. Investigate OOS for problems that arise in the QC lab and complete needed preventive corrective measures; lead the stability inspection plan for products and provide data for stability inspection; handle problems related to the laboratory, analyze and solve them.

5. Responsible for the internal audit of each department of QC. Assist the company to complete the external audit work required by the third party (government departments, customers or other third parties).

6. Responsible for establishing quality standards for process development to ensure that the project is successfully completed according to schedule.

7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
Job Requirements
1. More than 5 years of inspection related work experience, more than 3 years of management experience; master or Ph.D degree, major in microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology and pharmacy.

2. Have a strong sense of commitment and responsibility, work proactively, communicate well, have team spirit, work hard, be good at consulting literature, have strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems, have a strong sense of confidentiality.
Regulatory & Registration
Job Description
1. Have professional knowledge of new drug development and application, including basic knowledge of pharmacy and medicine.

2. Familiar with domestic and foreign drug development, new drug registration application and other related laws and regulations.

3. Responsible for the development and management of projects, and the construction and management of the R&D team.

4. Responsible for the pre-research, set up, and submitting of feasibility reports on new projects.

5. Assist in the writing of drug registration reports.

6. Responsible for the design of experimental protocol; participate in the development of pharmacodynamic experiments; complete and submit complete experimental reports; analyze and summarize the experimental results.

7. Familiar with the construction and tests of disease animal model; experimental report writing.

8. Manage the progress of CRO services for drug development projects, quality, authenticity and reliability of data, and completeness of reporting.

9. Good communication and coordination skills and a certain level of stress resistance.

10. Proficiency in English reading and writing.

11. Ability to carry out innovation work independently.

12. Complete other tasks assigned by superior promptly.
Job Requirements
1. Master or Ph.D. degree in pharmacy, pharmacology, molecular biology, cell biology, veterinary medicine and other related fields.

2. More than 5 years of relevant work experience in new drug research and development, pharmacology and efficacy experiments.

3. Familiar with the job, independently complete the application of cell products to animal model experiments.

4. Have a strong sense of commitment and responsibility, work proactively, communicate well, have team spirit, work hard, be good at consulting literature, have strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems, have a strong sense of confidentiality.
Manufacturing Process Development Engineer
Job Description
1. Responsible for the development, documentation and transfer of cell therapy products.

2. Gradually build a cell therapy product process platform in accordance with the company's long-term plan.

3. Responsible for clarifying the focus of new product development with external partners and following up on the progress of product development promptly; responsible for the introduction of new products docking work.

4. New drug application submission writing.

5. Good English reading and writing; good at reading and tracking research literature about new advances in the field of cell therapy.

6. Familiar with domestic and international laws and regulations related to cell therapy.
Job Requirements
1. Master's degree in cell biology, immunology, biotechnology, bioengineering or other related fields.

2. Familiar with gene editing (CRISPR-Cas9); cell culture experience is preferred.

3. Familiar with FDA/EMA/NMPA regulatory requirements for CMC, with extensive experience in writing IND/BLA documents for a variety of products for different regulatory agencies.

4. Leadership and management skills with the ability to oversee the progress of multiple projects and communicate with upper management and relevant parties promptly.
Their Stories

Keep transforming, just like long-distance running, is valuable in persistence.


Clinical Translational Center
Under the scorching sun, a small girl with a large backpack on her shoulders set her laptop on a shared bike and knocked out words, ignoring the trash bins around her. This is the scene captured in a cell phone photo of an Help Therapeutics colleague in 2017. Emily was working on an early-stage iPSC clinical translation project.

Today, Emily is the leader of the Clinical Translation Center, leading a group of young people to develop product registration project plans, submit drug registration documents, and resolve or provide feedback on problems that arise during the registration process to ensure that all aspects of registration are carried out smoothly.

In five years, this girl who worked by the dumpster has been upgraded to a baby mama. In addition to her enthusiasm and dedication to her work, Emily has also used this energy to bring up a baby. One morning in 2022, Emily read a picture book with her son before leaving for work and walked around the neighborhood park. Emily has been doing one hour of quality companionship every morning since she became a mother. As usual, Emily was the first one to arrive at work in the department today.

The only thing that has changed is her identity. The only thing that has remained the same is her passion and insistence on work and life. She is still the same girl she once was.

"In our work, we often encounter this problem: how to balance work and life? In the words of the famous poet, to sum up, it is: since the choice of a distant place, it will only care about the wind and rain. If you carry it through, it will be over, and only after the rain can you see the rainbow." Emily said, "Transformation is like a long-distance run, and it is valuable in persistence."

Do what you love and strive for the health of more people.


Marketing Department
In 2020, Martin left the pharmaceutical consulting company where he had worked for two years and moved from Beijing to Nanjing, where he became a member of Help Therapeutics.

He graduated with a degree in biomedical sciences, but he did not choose to go to a pharmaceutical company as a path initially. Martin's original intention of enrolling in this major was to benefit more patients. After Martin had experienced countless projects in the consulting firm, he did not feel a sense of accomplishment, and his work seemed to have deviated from his passion. It was only by chance that Martin came across iPSC technology, and this was the first time he learned about Help Therapeutics.

With a different experience, Martin started fresh in Help Therapeutics. In this way, Martin's understanding of the company's marketing business grew from shallow to deep, and his involvement deepened gradually. From initially understanding individual modules of a project and being responsible for just one of them, he slowly took responsibility for the entire module and then became a small project leader. "It was like things had a magical power there that made me act involuntarily. And most importantly, no matter what was put in my hands, I would demand the best from myself at the moment, for that matter." Today, he demands more of himself, not only to give himself a big picture and a broader vision, but he is transforming from being the executor of a project to the initiator of a project.

"Doing what I love and fighting for the health of more people. At Help Therapeutics, I'm becoming the person I want to be."

If you know in advance what you are going to face in life, do you still have the courage to face it?


R&D Center
After graduating with a master's degree, Alex chose a well-known pharmaceutical company for his first job.

As a newcomer, his first assignment was to make a proposal based on previous project information, and Alex "copied" the proposal. But after completing it, he asked himself: If this is the most important project of his life, is he willing to complete a job and get a passing grade in this way? Thus, he incorporated his innovative thinking while meeting his goals and eventually won the team's approval, and the new program achieved even better results due to Alex's boldness.

After leaving this pharmaceutical company, Alex joined Help Therapeutics as an R&D engineer. In this position, he was involved in the early development and optimization of the AI-powered cell mass inspection platform. Faced with challenges such as unknown machine learning models and the requirement for ultra-high accuracy in cell mass inspection, Alex did not flinch at all.

"Would it have been courageous to come if you knew what you would face in life?" Alex has enough confidence and courage to sow more and reap more on his new journey. If he knew in advance all the challenges he would have to experience, Alex would not have the slightest retreat. You will be a young man in fresh clothes when you see the mountains. Every Help person dares to meet such challenges, open up endless possibilities in the limited youth, start from a small desk or lab bench, and change the incomplete world in their own way.

"I believe that creating change, meeting challenges, and daring to innovate are the only ways to achieve a better self. I, together with all the people of Help Therapeutics, am making a good change for the health of human beings."