Help Therapeutics Named to Annual Technology Innovation List, Demonstrating the Company's "Hardcore Commitment"

On January 22nd, Help Therapeutics was invited to attend the conference of "Jiangning Power - Role Model Style", joining the Jiangning District Government and hundreds of enterprises to honor cutting-edge technology, inspire the power of role models, and cultivate the "hardcore power" of scientific and technological innovation in the new era!

More than a thousand people were invited to the conference, including the relevant persons in charge of each enterprise, as well as leaders of the organizers, experts of the judging committee and media representatives, to gather together to commend the top ten industrial output value, the top ten tax payers, the top ten actual utilization of foreign investment, the top ten service industries, national special enterprises, special contribution enterprises and individuals. ...... The power of innovation, technology, ecology and culture converge into a surging "power of science and technology", which is not only a powerful support for economic development, but also a "vane" that unites people and leads the future, and will certainly inspire a more powerful forward force.

Among a number of high-tech enterprises with industry influence and strong driving force, Help Therapeutics, as the leading biomedical industry, has won wide recognition and full affirmation from all walks of life for its outstanding scientific and technological innovation ability, and was honored on the list of "2021 Annual Scientific and Technological Innovation and Listed Enterprises".

The mission calls for commitment, and the role model leads the times. Based on the new development stage, Help Therapeutics, as the "Model Company of the Year in Science and Technology Innovation", will actively adapt to the change of industry policies, implement the new development concept, promote industrial upgrading, provide a strong impetus for the high-quality development of the biomedical field, and write a new chapter of corporate social responsibility in the new era together with all circles of society.